Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today it is a not so great day. Someoen came up to me and said when you talk you use big words that do not mean anything to anyone. Which Is IRONIC Since they actually said We all know you are a bit more sophisticated and your verbal usage pokes through me like cheese. I couldn't believe it maybe the funniest thing that I have ever Heard. Do you have anything Ironic to say today.
Now Straying away from the Irony issue Which I will die before I post news from the day. I have been spending time watching movies which is all good at least to my eyeys. It gets repetitive and boring though. BUT i watch online on a movie website that has the best forum ever and we sit and we talk and create our own movies and argue its just fantastic. But the other day I got a user kicked of. oops . He/she trully I dont care was saying how society needs a makeover and stoping people from using curse words in front of children dont matter. !!!!! yeah I got a litttle mad at that one. So I said they seem like another break in society. Of course they got enraged and started putting down the site.

(you see when you are not logged in the website there are ads on the sides and some are porn ads go figuir, but they where complaining that if the site feels that it should stop moderating ( new moderators where appointed a couple days before and where cracking down on vulgar) then they should get rid of the ads. They said it in a more decorative fassion-- heres the best part though the site administrator was on and one of the moderators messaged him and I guess the administrator and the user had a fight via messaging or something and it ended up in the user getting booted out of their.

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  1. I love how you write you write to me not at me. Will be reading in the future.